Looking for best picnic spot near Pune?? Then your hunt end here. Queen’s Farm offers comfortable tents as well as rooms that give you a jaw – dropping view of the lush green valley around.

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camp fire at Queens Farm

Camp fire

Sitting around the camp fire with your near and dear ones, singing some melodious songs accompanied by your befitting guitar strums is a special experience all together. Feel warm and cozy in winters around the glowing embers of the camp fire sipping on your favourite drink.

Indoor Games

If you love some real indoor fun, Queen’s Farm has that too. It has a host of indoor games like carom, chess, badminton, table tennis and archery. Challenge your mind and your reflexes while you have loads of fun.

Table tennis game section
Queens Farm dining section


Love authentic food? Well, then Queen’s Farm would be the right choice to eat at. Delectable food made from the finest local ingredients will surely leave your tummy asking for more. Queens Farmhouse grows its own vegetables. The food is cooked to perfection that offers the most delectable and nourishing meals steaming with alluring whiff. You’ll never have enough of it which will make you come to the farmhouse again and again!

It’s time you visited the Queens Farmhouse for memories that will stay with you forever!